Our program uses simple, effective technology to provide reliable automated grazing to farm animals. This allows people to have satellite farms, away from their homes, or to leave animals unattended.

We allow landowners to utilize their own land to grow small farm animals for themselves or through our sponsor program.


  • .5 acre or larger land size

  • Accessible power OR direct solar line-of-sight

  • Accessible water OR viable well construction

  • Wifi range access is preferred, but can be offered remote for an extra charge


  • Cow: Requires 1+ acre, grassland, and low gradient

  • Sheep: Requires .5+ acre, grassland (weeds)

  • Goat: Requires .5+ acre, healthy land

  • Pig: Requires .5+ acre, semi waterland preferred


We set it up, you own it.

Equipment: $3,000+

Installation: $1,000+


Cow: $2,000 - $5,000 per

Sheep: $75 - $250 per

Goat: $75 - $200 per

Pig: $50 - $200 per

After installation you own everything. You have the option on what to do with your farm and animals.


We set it up, we maintain it, you profit.

Equipment: $3,000+

Installation: $1,000+

We pay you

Cow: $210+ per month

Sheep: $80+ per month

Goat: $70+ per month

Pig: $45+ per month

On average, sponsor members make their investment back within 2 years, but it can be under 1 year with preferred circumstances.

Prices are highly dependant on land size, geography, animals required, etc. Feel free to request a quote. Include as many details as you can, we'll do the rest.